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I love ‘SNAX’.

I love the runny egg yoke and brown sauce. The crunch of the tattie scone. The warm energy of the coffee slipping into my being. The mirrors that make Phil admire himself. The red sauce/brown sauce debate with Sharon. The simultaneous drip of yolk from our baps. The cheap and cheerful décor that loves and promotes the city it is in. The posters on the wall. The best music playing anywhere with artists ranging from Ben Folds Five to Blind Melon, from AC/DC to The Beatles. I love the way that this should be just another greasy spoon, but yet when the rain is pouring outside, this is the homeliest place on earth. I love the way that nothing matters when you’re at Snax, and the way that breakfast there just doesn’t feel right without Phil and Sharon.

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The SNAX mentioned here is 118 Buccleuch Street, Edinburgh

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“I often take exercise. Why only yesterday I had breakfast in bed.”

Oscar Wilde

Breakfast is something special. If you have the time in the morning to create an edible masterpiece then you know that the day is going to be a good one.

The morning started lazily, waking up with the summer sunlight and just laying there, dozily awake, yet still half asleep…that blissful in between state.

Decked out in pyjamas we mooched our way down to the kitchen to begin mixing the scotch pancake batter.

Now I am going to confess here, for someone who loves cooking, like myself, I have never actually made pancake batter from scratch. (I KNOW, I KNOW! Please don’t judge me from that confession!) But I did make this from scratch and it worked out very well. A little more milk had to be added than the recipe intended but that is what recipes are for aren’t they? To be stretched this way and that, to be adjusted, to be tweaked , to be made to fit for you!

Anyway, back to breakfast! Well, we beat that batter into submission! We oiled a pan, and away we went….and burnt the first one!!!

Yes I know, but I have come to the conclusion that it is the purpose of all first pancakes to be burnt. It is their purpose in life!

After the initial burning, all the rest were just right. I even got a bit adventurous and made banana pancakes. It had to be done, I love the song and so I had to make them. (Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson)

The outcome of this wonderful pancake burning/cooking adventure was worth all the effort and smoke.

We then shared the pancakes out between us, (and we didn’t even fight over them) took handfuls and handfuls of berries…mmmm, berries! Then drizzled real Canadian Maple syrup on the top and watched it trickling down the sides of the raspberries while the pancakes absorbed the remaining sticky sweetness.

Conversation was scarce as we lapped up every last juicy morsel and the day was good.

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