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“I wish the real world, would just stop hassling me.”

-Real World by Matchbox 20

Sharpies are possibly the most amazing things in the world…next to food. Sharpies draw on anything! Glass, tin, wood, people and much to my amusement….food! (I do hope they are not toxic!oh well!) It started with melons….which while shopping, I discovered look just like minions. And reduced melons are even better!

So I bought one….going back the next day to provide my new minion melon with a friend.


As much fun as this was to do….it proved to be quite a moral dilemma in the long run, because when you want to eat the melon you have to kill the minion.

You cant kill a minion, they are just too…minion-y and cute!

The killing of the minion was left to me….it was a sad day.


Ah well I did want to be a butcher when I grew up!

Drawing on the melons was thoroughly amusing and I loved it….so much so that I found myself wandering round the flat with a sharpie in my hand looking for things to draw on.

Not great when you rent!!!

Fortunately my flatmate was spared….because I had to devise a way to differentiate the boiled eggs from the normal eggs…..


I do like to be organised!

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