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“Eating is the only thing that we do that uses all five senses all at once! Hence the pleasure.”

What a beautiful text to wake up to this morning. I was already awake actually, but I was eating breakfast when I got that message…even better!

It is something to think about though isn’t it? You cannot beat the impact of walking into the kitchen at dinner time, when you are greeted by smells, colours and not to forget the ever important sound of bubbling!

I remember having to do a piece of descriptive writing for school, I must have been in primary school at the time. I wrote about food, (no hope for me is there!) I wrote about one of my favourite home cooked meals, chilli and rice. I can’t remember exactly what I wrote but I do remember describing, in some detail, taking the lid off the pot to have a look, to be greeted by colours and steam, and smells that just made me smile!

Food is our everyday life. Even if its not something we necessarily love, when has anybody not commented on a particularly delicious meal?

Let’s face it, we all love food. We all have food than evokes a memory of some sort.

Discussing this very subject with a self-proclaimed non-foodie recently, it was actually revealed that even he (yes the most non passionate person I’ve ever met when it comes to food) had food that reminded him of home.

We all enjoy a good meal because it is the only thing that we can do with all five of our senses, but more importantly, I think, is the fact that just like a photograph or a piece of music, food has that wonderful ability to transport us to our childhood, a happy time, a tearful time, sad times even.

Powerful stuff this food! Don’t underestimate it, and give it the credit it deserves.


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