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I love ‘SNAX’.

I love the runny egg yoke and brown sauce. The crunch of the tattie scone. The warm energy of the coffee slipping into my being. The mirrors that make Phil admire himself. The red sauce/brown sauce debate with Sharon. The simultaneous drip of yolk from our baps. The cheap and cheerful décor that loves and promotes the city it is in. The posters on the wall. The best music playing anywhere with artists ranging from Ben Folds Five to Blind Melon, from AC/DC to The Beatles. I love the way that this should be just another greasy spoon, but yet when the rain is pouring outside, this is the homeliest place on earth. I love the way that nothing matters when you’re at Snax, and the way that breakfast there just doesn’t feel right without Phil and Sharon.

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The SNAX mentioned here is 118 Buccleuch Street, Edinburgh

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Person A: ”
Did you know, Bramley Apple Pies are only 48%

Pesron B: “But…how do
they KNOW that the pie will only fill 48% of


I’m not from a particularly large
family. I mean I have the usual grandparents, aunts, uncles and the
likes. I myself, am an only child. (I can hear the sharp intake of
breath already!)

Cooking has always gone on in our house, and it always seemed as if it was for more than the three of us. There were always left overs. As a kid, I thought the best meals were the so-called “hotch-potch” meals (next to beef wellington of course), the ones made from all the left overs.

So it
stands to reason that when I moved out of home and into a place
with a housemate I discovered that I am physically incapable of
cooking for one or two people. Four, five, maybe even six people,
yes, not an issue. We ALWAYS had left overs!

Our endless leftovers made for some
interesting dinner combinations. Bolognese and rice with salad is
one I particularly remember. (We sat on the picnic blanket in the
back garden laughing at our mismatched yet delicious meal.)

It got me to thinking about odd
food combinations.

Recently a friend who adores jam on
pancakes added butter to the equation and declared to the whole of
the breakfast table, “You HAVE to try it! It far surpasses any
previous pancake experience you’ve ever had.”

Another experiment with a friend of
mine: S’mores toast. It was a lazy day, with lazy weather and lazy
people. So a lazy breakfast was required. Toast is pretty lazy. So
how do you experiement with a lazy breakfast when you feel

You put nutella
on the toast, followed by peanut butter, followed by marshmallow
fluff. A very sticky, messy breakfast designed to stick to
everything it touches!

We all have our little comfort
snacks. Here are a few that have been shared with me:

toasted pita bread
and marmite

cream crackers and peanut

cream crackers, butter and

ryvita and

digestive biscuits and
cream cheese

brown bread and lettuce
sandwiches, with a glass of milk

cornflakes and ice cold
milk, at night

The list could go on, it is endless,
the food combinations – limitless.

Never turn your nose up at someone

else’s snacking preferences. Either try them, or just embrace the
fact that they choose something different and that they are not
munching on your snacks!

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The Soundtrack

“When people hear good music it makes them homesick for something they never had, and never will have.”,

Edgar Watson Howe

Baking is an escape all by itself. There is no better way to avoid responsibility, all the “have to do’s” in life and still have something to show at the end of it.

Sure, baking is pretty darn stressful when it goes wrong, it’s SO frustrating and upsetting to see something that you have poured so much of your time and careful energy into fail miserably.

However, when it goes well…..Oh! when it goes well! And your whole house has that wonderful, sweet, cakey aroma wafting through it, lingering in every corner of every room,  there is nothing that can quite match that.

For the best baking escape I have found it best to  follow a few simple rules:

1. Bake alone!!!

(I have thrown a lime at a very good friend who made me jump while baking. It’s best to be alone!)

2. Bake in your very own kitchen.

(Other peoples kitchens are probably better designed and have all the gadgets, but nothing fits quite like your own kitchen.)

3. Bake with a well trusted recipe, the type that never lets you down.

(Preferably one that you used to bake with your mum/dad/grandma or even from school. A recipe that is as reliable as the source from which it came.)

4. Have your baking soundtrack.

(This is a personal thing. Music is essential, but everyone has their own personal preferences for this one; though the reasons for the particular tracks usually remain the same in all of us.)


My trusted recipe is currently rock cakes. The rock cakes recipe that I got from my first year of secondary school. It takes minutes to put everything together into the bowl and mix away. (Plus, it covers that love that I’ve had since I was a little girl of getting my hands into everything and unfortunately I have not yet grown out of.) This is such a quick and easy recipe that it is perfect for that instant baking fix.

The soundtrack is a different matter. It does all depend on what you  are cooking as to what the soundtrack would be. But I would like to share some of my favourite tracks to bake to:


*Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Diana Ross & Marvin Gaye

*Shake Rattle and Roll – Bill Haley

*I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch) – The Four Tops

*Don’t Worry, Be Happy – Bob Marley

*Great Indoors – John Mayer

*Still Fighting It – Ben Folds

*Jammin’ – Bob Marley

*We Are Ok – Joshua Radin

*Give Me One Reason – Tracey Chapman

*Too Much – Elvis Presley


( I will admit that these tracks are also featured on my “Breakfast” playlist.)

I am always on the lookout for cooking music. The type of music that makes baking, creating or just plain, old, cooking dinner, that wonderful break from reality. The type of music that makes you smile and groove just a little bit to the happy beat or sway to the sweet smell of responsible escapism.

(If you have any suggestions for cooking music, please let me know.)




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